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23-year-old violent crimes case moving toward retrial

Faced with a 120-day deadline, the state of Virginia is moving ahead with plans to mount a new trial of the suspect in a 1990 slaying. The latest action in the matter involving a violent crime charge of capital murder came today when a Newport News Circuit Court judge appointed two area lawyers to handle the defense in the case.

Virginia violent crimes charges require swift legal attention

Few people know when they are going to need an attorney. When charges related to violent crimes are leveled in Virginia, there can also be a great deal of confusion and anxiety for the person targeted. The right response in situations like this is to make sure that the legal counsel you turn to is one you have confidence in.

Assault charge dropped against Virginia Beach councilman

There's an adage that many Virginia Beach readers likely have heard. It goes, let the punishment fit the crime. That's a tenet that lawmakers ideally try to follow, but sometimes the laws that result carry what might be considered undue burdens for a defendant even before a trial is held or a conviction obtained.

Virginia Beach man's sentence includes time for prior charges

Sentencing in a criminal case involves more than just pronouncing a specific length of time that a defendant will spend in jail or prison. Judges typically attach a number of conditions to a sentence, which are designed to give defendants an incentive to remain law abiding. For example, a judge may order that a defendant serve a period of probation instead of sending that person immediately to jail.

Virginia Beach councilman faces domestic violence charges

As public consciousness has been raised about the impact of domestic violence, concerned neighbors who hear what could be a potential domestic dispute may decide to alert police. But a neighbor may not always be right; a couple can have a verbal argument without it rising to the level of a criminal offense. But when police arrive, they may decide to file charges regardless, requiring the accused to mount a defense against a crime that did not take place.

Virginia man faces charges of felony assault after alleged brawl

Arguments between persons are ordinarily civil, and once the dispute has ended, the parties separate and cool off. In some instances, however, the matter escalates to physical confrontation. Law enforcement can become involved in the situation, and, depending on the facts of the case, various charges may be filed.

Judge modifies sentence in lacrosse player's murder case

Virginia residents are familiar with the trial of George Huguely V, the former University of Virginia lacrosse player who was convicted of second-degree murder in the death of his onetime girlfriend. The case has received national attention ever since prosecutors charged Huguely with the crime.

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