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Man accused of assault against Virginia police officer

Many Virginia residents may not be aware of the legal avenues available to them after being accused of a crime. Those accused may benefit from speaking with an attorney for a better understanding of the charges and guidance on what to do next. One man is likely considering his defense options after being charged with assault against a police officer.

According to police reports, an officer was injured while responding to a call related to vandalism. Allegedly, the man now facing these charges was smashing car windows. The responding officer claims that the man assaulted her by striking her in the head with a hard object. She then fired her weapon, though the bullet did not hit anyone. 

The responding officer was taken to the hospital for serious but not life-threatening injuries. The man was taken into custody by other officers who arrived at the scene. He is now being held without bond on the charge of malicious wounding of a police officer. Police stated that they are still investigating the incident.

The charge this man faces could lead to serious consequences if he is convicted. Those facing similar assault charges may be unsure of where to turn following such an incident. Many in this situation may consider consulting an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney to learn more about their charges and to discover what can be done to fight the charges in court. An attorney could work with a client to build a strong defense and possibly avoid any potential convictions.

Source: Old Town Alexandria, VA Patch, "Old Town Alexandria Assault On Officer: Suspect Arrested", Emily Leayman, July 12, 2017

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