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Gallon smashing: The next big craze or juvenile crime?

It may be a far cry from more serious charges that a juvenile can face such as being a minor in possession of alcohol, or underage drinking and driving, but it appears to be something worth taking note of. And it apparently got its start in Virginia.

Study: Illegal steroid use an issue for girls as well as boys

Worry about illegal drug use by children is a constant issue for caring parents in Virginia. The general availability of illegal substances and the widespread use of some banned materials among celebrity athletes and entertainers keeps the subject top of mind for most adults.

Judge poised to rule on juvenile charged with shooting dad

The court system in Virginia, like the rest of the country, is divided into sections. There are the courts that deal with criminal cases. There are those that handle civil matters. Juvenile crimes tend to be handled in yet another arena. Sometimes, however, serious criminal charges get leveled against minors and then the court divisions can seem to be blurred.

Minor faces car racing charges after crash in Virginia Beach

Young people in Virginia can make mistakes and end up on the wrong side of the law. The resulting criminal charges can affect their prospects for the rest of their lives, so it is important that they know their options to pursue a strong criminal defense. Common charges include a minor in possession of alcohol, but recently in Virginia Beach a juvenile was accused of a relatively rare crime.

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