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Supreme Court kennels some unwarranted drug-sniffing dog use

Ensuring the sanctity of one's home and one's privacy inside the walls of that home are values that are at the root of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Whether one lives in Virginia Beach or anywhere else in the country, that tenet against illegal searches and seizures by police applies.

Crime lab case shows how human element can threaten justice

In the criminal justice system, the yardstick by which all convictions are supposed to be measured is whether there is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The onus is on the prosecution in Virginia and every other state to provide clear evidence to support such a verdict.

Facing drug charges in state and federal jurisdictions

When authorities go after individuals on suspicion of drug possession or distribution, it can become a double-barreled legal issue. That's because of the federal-state jurisdiction split that exists. Virginia individuals facing any sort of drug charges should be fully aware of the implications of this reality in order to develop the most effective defense possible.

Prisons ill-equipped to rehabilitate drug addicts

Imagine intentionally hurting and poisoning your body multiple times a day. Lying to loved ones and stealing from friends all to support an insatiable physical need. For thousands of drug addicts across the United State, this is their everyday reality. For many, their rock bottom is realized when they are arrested and face drug charges and incarceration.

Guilty plea to drug charges results in probation term

There is no doubt that state and federal governments look to impose the harshest penalties possible when it comes to sentencing for certain crimes. Convictions for drug crime charges are often among those that prosecutors in Virginia look to punish the most severely.

Judge sentences Virginia man on drug trafficking charge

Federal prosecutors say that three Virginia men engaged in the importation and distribution of a banned substance. All three were convicted of the drug charges against them, and earlier last month the first of the three learned his sentence. The judge ordered the 66-year-old man to spend 21 months in prison for taking part in the drug trafficking scheme.

Virginia Beach man arrested on drug charges after traffic stop

When in-custody defendants make their initial appearance before a judge, they may present arguments concerning the conditions of their release pending their next court date. The judge may decide to release the defendant with conditions, impose bail, or withhold bail altogether. The severity of the charged offense, the defendant's prior record, the risk of flight and non-appearance at the next court date and the chance that the defendant will commit further crimes if released are just some of the factors that can go in to the judge's decision.

Former police officer convicted of drug crimes faces reduced penalties

When people face criminal charges of any kind, they may feel that the cards are stacked against them. However, a strong criminal defense may mitigate any potential consequences.

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