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November 2012 Archives

DUI checkpoints may be counterintuitive; but they're the law

It's not likely to come as a big shock to anyone that police step up their drunk driving enforcement efforts at particular times of the year. Every year, across Virginia and much of the rest of the nation, when a holiday period approaches, authorities kick driving under the influence enforcement into a higher gear.

Virginia Beach laser case shows how far prosecutors will go

Just how dangerous are laser pointers. We see them being used in corporate presentations all the time. Heck, we play with our cats with them. If someone points one at a high tech Navy fighter jet, does it count as a federal criminal offense and warrant the pointer's being sent to prison?

Judge sentences Virginia man on drug trafficking charge

Federal prosecutors say that three Virginia men engaged in the importation and distribution of a banned substance. All three were convicted of the drug charges against them, and earlier last month the first of the three learned his sentence. The judge ordered the 66-year-old man to spend 21 months in prison for taking part in the drug trafficking scheme.

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