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Virginia woman facing DUI charge after serious car accident

A Virginia Beach woman is now facing charges related to drunk driving after her alleged involvement in a serious car crash. In addition to a DUI charge, she is also facing other charges related to the injuries the victims suffered. She is now likely working with an attorney to prepare for her upcoming legal proceedings.

Police stated that an officer was in the process of pulling over a car when he saw one of the victims lying in the road and the woman's car dragging a bicycle. The officer reported that the woman was allegedly driving 10 mph over the speed limit, and her blood alcohol level was .26. Further details of the incident remain unknown.

Records indicate that the two victims who suffered serious injuries were international students. One of the women suffered brain injuries, and both are confined to wheelchairs while they recover. The woman accused of causing the collision was arrested at the scene and was charged with driving under the influence as well as two counts of maiming.

Because of the serious nature of the charges, the woman accused of the crime is likely working with a criminal defense attorney in an attempt to obtain the best possible outcome for her situation and to ensure that her rights are protected. Anyone facing a DUI charge may consider consulting with an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney to better understand the potential consequences and all available options for defense. In addition to preparing a strong defense, an attorney can also provide support and guidance throughout any legal proceedings a client may face.

Source: usa.inquirer.net, "DUI suspect maims two Filipina students in Virginia Beach crash", June 21, 2017

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