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Recovering from the financial challenges of divorce

Many in Virginia are full-swing into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. For those who have just gone through divorce, the joys and festivities of the holidays may be mixed with the challenge of trying to recover their finances. It's not always easy, but it is often possible.

Especially if one has always stayed home full time to raise children during a marriage, the immediate aftermath of a divorce may include serious financial setbacks. Even if gainful employment is quickly obtained, the income received may not be equal to or greater than that which a former spouse provided. Thinking about gift buying, traveling or other holiday expenses may feel a bit overwhelming at this time.

Setting achievable goals, avoiding any major life-changing financial decisions and focusing on essentials, such as food, clothing and shelter, may help provide the breathing room necessary to begin taking steps toward restored financial stability. Even the best plan can hit a roadblock, however, if there are unresolved issues regarding a house, child support or other family matter. In such circumstances, it may be best to reach out for support.

In addition to providing counsel regarding child-related issues in divorce, an experienced family law attorney in Virginia is often able to offer guidance that can help a concerned client build a strong plan for reducing the financial strain of the situation.

Focus, diligence, perseverance and skilled representation are valuable tools that can help one accomplish one's financial and family goals after divorce. Anyone who would like to discuss a particular situation can contact a family law attorney in the area to arrange a consultation.

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