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June 2016 Archives

Long-term consequences can plague juveniles convicted of crimes

A lot of the information we get about crime and the criminal justice system comes from television shows. Teenagers may get a sense of what may happen if they are faced with criminal charges and may feel they understand how the criminal system works.

Inmates subjected to longer jail time due to staff errors

It's a thought that no one really wants to confront, even for those who are in favor of prison reform and changing the way we go about the "War on Drugs": that it's possible for prison employees and officials to make mistake that actually force inmates to stay in prison longer than they should.

Pastor faces criminal charge after child porn discovery

Being arrested can be a trying time for anyone. Those who face a criminal charge for child pornography or other sex crimes related to children can have an especially difficult time when dealing with law enforcement officials and the prospect of incarceration. A recent article discusses a case in Virginia in which a pastor has been accused of using social media sites to view and distribute child pornography.