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March 2016 Archives

7 reckless driving charges your teen driver should know about

For many teens, passing their driver's test and getting their driver's license is a rite of passage into adulthood. For teens, this is an exciting time because they are able to go where they want, when they want, with few limitations. For parents, this time may be filled with worry and concern, mostly for the safety of their children but also because teens aren't always aware of the severity of the law or the steep consequences they could face if they break it.

Out-of-state conceal and carry permits: are they allowed in VA?

One of the wonderful things about our country is the fact that each state has the ability to enact and enforce its own laws. Unfortunately, this also means that even similar laws may not be completely the same from state to state. As you can imagine, this can create major problems for travelers who are not aware of these differences when they cross state lines.

Vehicle passengers and the potential for DUI charges

Many of you probably read today's post title and asked yourself, "Is it even possible in Virginia for a passenger in a vehicle to receive a DUI during a traffic stop?" If you asked this question, you likely weren't alone and that's understandable. Our state has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country, making them a major concern for residents who'd rather avoid entanglements with the law if they can help it.

The hope for 2017? No mandatory minimum sentences

Regardless of where you stand on party lines, you've likely been paying attention to the top political issues recently and are starting to form your own opinion about which ones you'd like to see spearhead the new president's first term. For some, the economy is their focus. For others, family. For a lot of our readers, the top issue is likely the reform of mandatory minimum sentences.

New alleged evidence in OJ case and the risk of double jeopardy

You've probably heard by now the news that the LAPD has in their possession a bloody knife that is believed to be related to the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. According to reports, the knife was discovered on property that had been owned by O.J. Simpson at the time of the murders. The knife was recently turned over to police and is currently undergoing testing.