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February 2016 Archives

Lower drug crime sentences getting better, but still need work

If you're a frequent reader of our blog then you know that the last time we talked about mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes was back in 2014 when we wrote this post illustrating the detrimental effect mandatory minimum sentences have on individuals and their families. We also pointed out that change was on the way.

Can I get my gun rights restored after a weapons charge?

Many people know that a felony conviction can interfere greatly with a person's constitutional rights. Aside from no longer being able to vote or serve as a juror, a felon also loses their right to own or purchase a firearm as well. As you can imagine, this set of circumstances can create a lot of problems for a person, especially one who has inherited a gun from a family member.

Is auto-brewery syndrome a valid defense against DUI charges?

In the last few decades, a growing number of people have taken up the hobby of home brewing, purchasing kits that allow individuals to make their own beer not found anywhere else. But what if there was a form of home brewing that didn't require any external devices? Would you be more inclined to take it up as a hobby?

Recreational marijuana and retroactive law: Could it happen?

Ever since the legalization of recreational marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington just a few years ago, many residents here in Virginia have been wondering when our state would follow suit. After all, the motto on our state seal does imply a desire for giving people in our state considerable freedom.