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Virginia Tech football player arrested for drunk driving

Most people are aware that teenagers do not always make the best decisions. This sometimes extends beyond the teen years into their twenties, and while attending college some people continue to make decisions that are questionable. Sometimes those decisions get them into trouble with the law. A football player who attends Virginia Tech knows this all too well.

The 20-year-old wide receiver was arrested and accused of drunk driving. The arrest occurred a little before 6:30 a.m., in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Someone apparently called the police bringing them to the parking lot. It is not clear what prompted that call. Specifically he was charged with public intoxication and driving while intoxicated first offense. Following his arrest he was suspended from the football team.

It is possible that he could face more severe consequences than just the suspension from the athletic team. If he is convicted of the public intoxication charges, he could have to pay up to $250 in fines. Being found guilty of DWI is even more serious. In addition to a maximum fine of $2,500, he could spend up to a year in jail.

Spending time in jail and away from school at such a young age could be detrimental to the rest of his life. In addition to pulling him away from his schooling, it could also cause him to get off track and never return. This in turn, could make it difficult for him to establish himself in an occupation. To try to avoid this outcome, the sooner someone in this situation calls a lawyer, the better.

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