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August 2015 Archives

Are curfews effective in reducing juvenile crime?

It is widely accepted that juveniles do not always make good choices in life. Because of this, their parents, guardians and even society, take steps to try to help these young people avoid getting into trouble. Both adults and well as society set boundaries for teenagers in the state of Virginia. In communities around Virginia Beach teens may be impacted by curfew laws.

Criminal charges may be dropped for many reasons

People from all backgrounds could find that they are facing a drunk driving charge after drinking even a little too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive.  For those individuals—particularly those who have never been in trouble with the law—this can be scary and they may feel as though a conviction is a foregone conclusion. This, of course, is not true. Following a DUI arrest and charge, there are opportunities for the accused to fight those charges and possibly have them dropped or secure an acquittal.

Bus driver arrested for DUI actually experiencing medical issue

An arrest for drunk or drugged driving is not the same as a conviction. As is the case with any criminal charge, when someone is arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that individual will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the charge. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the defense used will vary. Recently, a woman who was accused of DUI, while transporting children on a school bus in Virginia Beach, Virginia, secured a positive outcome.

More research needed into effect of marijuana on drivers

When most people think about impaired drivers the first thing that likely comes to mind is that they are drunk. While it is of course true that someone who has consumed too much alcohol is in fact impaired when he or she gets behind the wheel to drive, there are other substances that could render a driver impaired, including marijuana. The only issue is, no one is completely sure what effect marijuana has on driving.