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July 2015 Archives

Some consequences for criminal accusations occur before trial

Being accused of a violent crime can have an impact on one’s life even before the trial. A professional football player recently arrested in Virginia Beach, in conjunction with an assault, is learning this first hand. He was charged with felonious assault after allegedly being involved in large fight that occurred at a bar around the Fourth of July holiday.

Under investigation for a crime? Contact a lawyer for help.

Police officers might commence an investigation into a suspected criminal action under many circumstances. As the recent experience of a Virginia Beach family illustrates, this can occur even when the person being questioned is the one who sought assistance from authorities in the first place.

iCloud feature leads to arrest of teen accused of stealing iPhone

There is no question that technology has changed the world we live in. The popularity of cellphones has made communication, accessing information and taking photos easier than most people likely ever imagined. Those capabilities have also changed the world of law enforcement as information contained on phones can be used be either side to build its case.

Could parole in Virginia be re-established?

The consequences for a conviction for a violent crime are often serious and include incarceration. In an effort to get tough on crime, in 1994, discretionary parole was abolished in the state of Virginia. As a result of that abolishment, those convicted of a felony in the state must serve a minimum of 85 percent of their sentence before they are eligible for release.

Expungement of Juvenile Records

Recently, a magazine released juvenile records regarding the Reality TV family The Duggars, which shocked many as impossible because they should be "sealed". In my practice, I too come across many juveniles who feel that their juvenile criminal record is sealed, or magically disappears when they become an adult. Unfortunately, I have to break it to them that in Virginia, that is not the case.

Arrested over holiday weekend? Contact a lawyer for assistance

With the July 4th weekend nearly upon us people will likely be in the mood to celebrate. In the process of celebrating our nation’s birthday many consume alcohol. While in many of those cases people are responsible and find other ways to get home, some ultimately get behind the wheel of a car and drive. Recognizing that the holiday could result in this outcome law enforcement officers take to the roads this time of year to pull over and arrest individuals they suspect are operating a car under the influence of alcohol.