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Proposed bills would impact those convicted of violent crimes

Currently in the state of Virginia, individuals accused of domestic violence face harsh consequences. In addition to be kicked out of their homes, if they have children, they may not be able to have contact with them. When criminal charges are pressed the outcome can be even worse, including the loss of one's freedom. If bills currently being considered by Virginia lawmakers become law, those consequences could become even more severe.

If passed, the bills--Senate Bill 943 and House Bill 2085--would make it impossible for individuals convicted of violent crimes like sexual battery and domestic violence, to either possess or purchase firearms. Though seemingly severe, federal laws currently mirror these changes.

On the face of things the passage of these bills likely seems like a good thing. Keeping weapons out of the hands of individuals who have a history of violence could save lives. While it may be for many there are others who could wrongly end up having to deal with these consequences.

Accusations of domestic violence are usually complex. In many cases it is one person's word against another. In the course of a criminal case it is possible that someone could be found guilty of something that they did not do. Unjust convictions can leave individuals facing dramatically changed lives. Most would agree this is not a fair or desirable outcome.

The best way to try to prevent this from happening is to work with a criminal defense lawyer who understands how these cases generally proceed. Doing so could have a great impact on the future of the accused.

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