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Drunk driving arrests impact individuals from all walks of life

Few people who find themselves accused of drunk driving plan to drive after consuming too much alcohol. These arrests do happen however, to people from all backgrounds. This is true throughout the country, including in the state of Virginia. The arrest of the son of a former governor of the state illustrates this.

The 23-year-old was charged with refusal to submit to a breath test and driving while intoxicated after the vehicle he was driving was pulled over around 3:30 a.m. one morning. It is unclear what caused police to pull him over.

There are multiple ways in which a drunk driving defense can be approached. In some instances it is prudent to focus on the legality of the traffic stop or the ensuing arrest. Other times issues with the way in which the Breathalyzer or sobriety test was administered will be relevant. Whether these or other approaches will be deemed the best approach depends of the specific circumstances surrounding the stop and arrest.

Regardless of the approach taken, the important thing is to mount an aggressive defense. The failure to do so could result in serious consequences including the loss of liberty, fines, the loss of a driver’s license and higher insurance fees. Depending on one’s profession, it could also impact one’s livelihood as well.

Which approach will be taken and how this matter will be resolved remains to be seen. It is likely however that the young man has sought the assistance of a lawyer regarding the matter.

Source: WVEC-TV, “Ex-Va. gov's son arrested on drunk-driving charges,” Dec. 18, 2014

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