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January 2015 Archives

AAP provides guidelines for juvenile use of marijuana

While it is true that teenagers can get into a wide variety of types of trouble, the use of mood altering substances such as marijuana seems to be common. Depending on the crime involving marijuana that a teen is accused of committing, the severity of the consequences will vary and some may in face incarceration.

Could after school programs reduce juvenile crime?

There are a variety of reasons why juveniles end up involved in activities that could get them in trouble with the law. One of those reasons could be best described as boredom. Statistics from the U.S. Office of Justice seem to support this notion. According the agency, the time following the end of school on school days—between 3 and 7 p.m.—are the hours when violent crimes involving juveniles most often occur.

Choosing the right defense lawyer for your drug case

While all criminal charges can drastically impact your future, drug charges in particular can have a broad range of consequences. In Virginia, the consequences for drug charges can range from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. The most serious cases are handled in federal court and could result in a prison sentence, if convicted.

Drunk driving arrests impact individuals from all walks of life

Few people who find themselves accused of drunk driving plan to drive after consuming too much alcohol. These arrests do happen however, to people from all backgrounds. This is true throughout the country, including in the state of Virginia. The arrest of the son of a former governor of the state illustrates this.

Will marijuana be decriminalized in Virginia?

The way that marijuana is being regarded in some states throughout the nation is changing. Now the state of Virginia is exploring the way in which the criminal justice system views the drug. This is because a bill that decriminalizes the drug is being considered by the legislature this month.