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Traffic stop leads to serious drug and weapons charges

For many people a traffic stop is just that—being pulled over and possibly disciplined for braking a traffic law. In other situations however it becomes much more. For example, it is possible that it could lead to drug charges, or even in some circumstances, weapons charges. This is the case for two individuals from Virginia Beach, Virginia, who were recently arrested in another state. 

According to authorities, the traffic stop was due to the U-Haul truck in which the two were occupants, having only one working headlight. During the course of that stop police officers indicated that they detected the smell of cannabis emanating from the rental truck, which prompted a K9 unit to be called and a search conducted. The search allegedly uncovered the following:

  • 30 grams of cannabis.
  • Drug paraphernalia.
  • A small amount of meth.
  • One rifle.
  • Two handguns.
  • 78 pounds of ammunition.
  • A spring-loaded knife.
  • $12,158 in cash.

Both of the individuals taken into custody were charged with possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia. In addition, the 23-year-old woman was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and possession of methamphetamine (less than 5 grams). The 24-year-old man faces an unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon charge.

It is likely obvious to readers that the consequences for a traffic ticket are much less serious than for a conviction on drug or weapons charges. Accordingly, individuals in this situation would likely benefit from working with a criminal defense lawyer. There are multiple approaches a defense lawyer might take including challenging the initial traffic stop. How this case will be decided remains to be seen.

Source: KFVS, “2 accused of drug, weapon possession after traffic stop,” Amber Ruch, Dec.3, 2014

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