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September 2014 Archives

Are video games to blame for violent crimes?

The average individual may feel as though he or she is being nearly constantly bombarded by reports of violent crimes. Most would likely agree that the best way to prevent these incidents from occurring is to try to determine what causes someone to act in that manner. While there are of course many things that contribute to each person acting the way that they do, some wonder what role violent video games play in the commission of violent crimes.

Federal criminal charges should be taken seriously

There is no question that the penalties tied to a criminal conviction can be serious. The magnitude of a conviction will vary widely depending on the crime one is accused of. In the most serious situations in addition to hefty fines prison time could be ordered. While these consequences are major at the state level, when a conviction is in a federal court it is even more serious and could even include mandatory minimum sentences.

Model interrogation policies in Virginia limited to juveniles

When a suspect is taken into custody in connection with a crime the interrogation of that person plays an important role in determining how the case will proceed. Because of the important role this process plays, readers may be surprised to learn that interrogation policies vary widely throughout the state. A survey recently conducted with law enforcement agencies in the state of Virginia revealed this information. It is the first such survey to be conducted in the United States. 

NTSB members seek to lower legal BAC from 0.08 to 0.05

There is no question that many people throughout the state of Virginia enjoy a glass of wine, a beer or a cocktail while out for a meal. This practice may be at risk if some members of the National Transportation Safety Board get their way. They are pushing to reduce the legal blood alcohol content for drivers of legal drinking age, from 0.08 to 0.05.