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July 2014 Archives

Harsh sentence for young Virginia Beach man in fatal shooting

On July 21, a Virginia Beach resident was sentenced in a case arising out of events that took place late in 2012. On the night in question, the defendant apparently exchanged words with an intoxicated man in a convenience store; later, when the defendant was walking home accompanied by two female family members, the man drove by in his van, stopped and initiated a verbal altercation with the defendant.

Reduced sentences in the cards for thousands of drug offenders?

Let us be honest: it is exceedingly rare for a politician, or any public official, to call for lower sentences for a criminal offense. For decades, the "soft on crime" label has been bandied about in political smear campaigns, and in the past it has proven to be a difficult stain to wash out. But while stamping an opponent as "soft on crime" might make for a good sound bite, very few people stopped to think about whether it was actually good policy.