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December 2013 Archives

State officials declare stepped up New Year's Eve DUI patrols

Tens of thousands of Virginia residents and visitors face charges of driving under the influence every year. It likely comes as no surprise that spikes in arrests and charges for alleged DUI offenses tend to occur during holiday periods.

Federal government wants states to crack down on drunk driving

The consequences for drunk driving convictions are very harsh in Virginia Beach. Penalties tend to include fines, license suspension, the completion of an alcohol safety program, jail time and even the mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device.

Alleged Newport News gang members face federal felony charges

The federal court system is not the same as the state court system. Some cases that end with acquittal of a defendant in Virginia court might still spark federal criminal charges which could end in conviction. Serious penalties can be meted out as a result. It's important to be working with an experienced attorney in such circumstances.

Reformers rallying to help young VA man facing 6 life terms

Last week the focus of our blog was a study about how the justice system in Virginia is out of date, apparently stacked against defendants of color and ineffective at actually preventing many crimes. This week, our attention is drawn to a case that perhaps highlights how some of those issues may be playing out in the life of one particular person.

Study: VA justice system is failing. Reforms called for

The news about Virginia's justice system is not good, at least not in the eyes of one Washington-based think tank. The Justice Policy Institute says the system being employed in the commonwealth costs too much, isn't as effective as it might be and is vastly unfair to African-American defendants.