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March 2013 Archives

Gallon smashing: The next big craze or juvenile crime?

It may be a far cry from more serious charges that a juvenile can face such as being a minor in possession of alcohol, or underage drinking and driving, but it appears to be something worth taking note of. And it apparently got its start in Virginia.

Unloaded BB gun prompts action by Virginia Beach school

A proliferation of crowd shootings, not the least of which was the Newtown school tragedy, has elevated the issue of gun use and availability to new heights. Virginia Beach is not immune from the effects. We have no specific information regarding whether there's been an increase in the filing of weapons crimes charges in the area, but it's clear that gun issues are top of mind.

Crime lab case shows how human element can threaten justice

In the criminal justice system, the yardstick by which all convictions are supposed to be measured is whether there is guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The onus is on the prosecution in Virginia and every other state to provide clear evidence to support such a verdict.

Firing gun in home yields weapons charge for Virginia Beach man

Gun control is a big topic right now. In the wake of several horrible mass shootings in recent months, efforts have gotten under way in a lot of states of the union to try to firm up the rules and regulations governing gun sales. The debate has even led Vice President Joe Biden to weigh in. He recently recommended that if someone wants to fend off an intruder who may be bent on committing a potentially violent crime, the best thing to do is to "fire a shotgun through the door."