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Virginia violent crimes charges require swift legal attention

Few people know when they are going to need an attorney. When charges related to violent crimes are leveled in Virginia, there can also be a great deal of confusion and anxiety for the person targeted. The right response in situations like this is to make sure that the legal counsel you turn to is one you have confidence in.

The assurance you have in the attorney is important because of the possible issues that are going to be dealt with. Unlike estate planning matters that tend to address future eventualities, criminal charges involving violence and weapons are immediate and the repercussions of a conviction can be harsh and long lasting. To improve the chances of a positive outcome, it's important to get started on a defense strategy right away.

Hopefully that is what is in the works for a 29-year-old Norfolk man. Police recently arrested him on suspicion of aggravated assault. It's not clear at this point whether those will be the charges that prosecutors will ultimately file. Still, the man is being held without bond in Virginia Beach Correctional Center. The booking offenses include the assault charge, use of a gun in a felony, possession of a weapon by a felon and more.

As reported by the local newspaper, based on a news release from the police, officers were responding to a shots fired call at a business along Virginia Beach Boulevard on a Friday earlier this month. Those who called authorities said they saw several people fleeing the scene.

When police arrived, they spotted one person, the defendant leaving in a vehicle. He reportedly fit the description of the suspected gunman, so they pulled him over. As part of the stop, they say they checked the trunk of the vehicle and found what they said was a stolen gun.

Later, a man with an apparent gunshot wound to the leg showed up at the hospital. The report says he told authorities that he had been in the business address when a man approached. There was an argument and shots were fired.

Looked at with a critical eye, there are a lot of holes apparent in this story. One can't even tell if the arrested man had anything to do with any shooting, or just how the wounded man came to be hurt. Answers to such questions may prove important in resolving the case.

Source: The Virginian-Pilot, "Norfolk man charged in Va. Beach shooting," Cindy Clayton, Jan. 8, 2013

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