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Weapons Crimes Archives

Strong defenses may ease sentencing for weapons crimes

Criminal charges can lead to severe punishment if convictions are obtained. One man is now facing multiple weapons crimes as well as drug charges after recently being arrested. His Virginia criminal defense attorney is now working on his defense for his court date, which is scheduled for July 11.

Weapons crimes: Man arrested after daughter shot

Parents have a difficult job. They are often tasked with making decisions that could ultimately impact their ability to parent their children. Unfortunately, one man is accused of weapons crimes, among others, after Virginia police say he failed to take his daughter to the hospital after she was accidentally shot.

Weapons crimes: Woman cited in Virginia airport incident

In the post-9/11 world, restrictions on what can be taken on airplanes have increased dramatically. Unfortunately, some restricted items are things that certain people may be so used to having on their person they may forget about them as they attempt to board a plane. Unfortunately, one woman faces accusations of weapons crimes after officials in Virginia claimed she attempted to take a gun through security.

Things to know about Stand Your Ground laws and weapons crimes

After Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida by an armed community watch volunteer, Stand Your Ground laws were thrust into the national media spotlight. It quickly became apparent that the laws put in place to allow citizens to defend themselves were confusing, and that many people had vastly different interpretations of what was and was not legal. Even if the outcome is not as tragic as the Martin case, many in Virginia who use force to protect themselves may be at risk for being charged with weapons crimes or other felonies.

School-related weapons laws in Virginia

As the school year is starting up, one of the big things on a parent’s plate is making sure their kid has all the supplies and other things they need to bring to school. Another thing though it is very important for parents to be vigilant about is making sure their kids leave certain things at home when they go off to school. This includes anything that could be defined as a weapon. Being accused of bringing a weapon to school could leave a student facing incredibly severe consequences, including the possibility of criminal charges.

Convicted felons in Virginia may be charged with weapons crimes

In April, the Commonwealth of Virginia passed legislation that allows convicted felons who meet certain criteria to regain civil rights, such as the right to vote, run for office, serve on a jury and become a notary public. However, this law does not reinstate other rights, such as the right possess a firearm. Due to this restriction, someone who has been convicted of a felony may find him or herself charged with weapons crimes if he or she happens to have a firearm on his or her person, even if it was not involved in any kind of criminal activity.

Out-of-state conceal and carry permits: are they allowed in VA?

One of the wonderful things about our country is the fact that each state has the ability to enact and enforce its own laws. Unfortunately, this also means that even similar laws may not be completely the same from state to state. As you can imagine, this can create major problems for travelers who are not aware of these differences when they cross state lines.

Can I get my gun rights restored after a weapons charge?

Many people know that a felony conviction can interfere greatly with a person's constitutional rights. Aside from no longer being able to vote or serve as a juror, a felon also loses their right to own or purchase a firearm as well. As you can imagine, this set of circumstances can create a lot of problems for a person, especially one who has inherited a gun from a family member.

Federal criminal charges should be taken seriously

All criminal charges should be taken seriously. This is particularly true when the charge is at the federal level. While those convicted of a crime at the state level in Virginia could face serious consequences, these penalties are even harsher when a conviction occurs in a federal court.

Governor's order changes gun laws in Virginia

Weapons crimes are one of many that residents of Virginia could find they are facing. As is the case with many criminal activities, it is possible that someone could be doing something against the law involving a gun without even realizing it. This could be due to a variety of factors including the accused being unaware of what the laws are. Early this month, the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, announced changes to the state’s gun laws via an executive order.