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Virginia teacher facing multiple drug charges

A recent joint operation between two law enforcement offices has led to the arrest of a Virginia teacher. The teacher was put on leave by his school the same day that he turned himself in to authorities. Police have charged the man with several drug charges. He is likely now working with an attorney to fight these criminal accusations in court.

According to the Portsmouth Police Department and the Norfolk Drug Enforcement Agency, the teacher allegedly sold heroin on two occasions. The detectives claim that they witnessed him arriving at a predetermined location and selling heroin to a confidential source. Later analysis of the drug supposedly obtained from the teacher revealed that it tested positive for both heroin and Fentanyl, a strong prescription pain medication.

Virginia man facing criminal charge in the death of special agent

When Virginia residents are accused of serious crimes, they may not know where to turn. In most situations, obtaining legal counsel is a necessary first step for those facing a criminal charge. A young man is likely now working with a defense attorney after being charged with several violent crimes after the death of a Virginia State Police special agent.

According to police reports, the agent and another police officer spotted a vehicle parked on the wrong side of the street at a local public housing development. As the two approached the vehicle to have a conversation with the occupants, the agent was allegedly shot by the passenger. Authorities then stated that the man who apparently fired the shot then jumped out of the car and ran away.

Those charged with a drug crime may face serious consequences

Crimes related to drug possession, manufacturing and distribution can lead to serious consequences if convictions are obtained. A total of 35 people have been indicted in one Virginia county. These arrests follow an investigation focused on various drug crimes over a span of nine months. The individuals charged with a drug crime are now likely focused on their defense options as they prepare for upcoming court dates.

The Sheriff's Office in Washington County apparently coordinated investigative efforts with the local office of the Commonwealth Attorney. The goal has been to shut down the manufacturing and distribution of illegal narcotics. The majority of the charges involve the distribution of methamphetamine and prescription drugs. Firearms charges were filed as well.

Virginia man faces DUI charge after teen killed in crash

There can be many different reasons a car accident could happen. One common cause is due to someone driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. The consequences for committing this act can be severe, especially when a fatality occurs as a result. A Virginia man now faces a DUI charge after his alleged involvement in a crash that led to the death of a teenager about to graduate from high school.

Police report that the man supposedly lost control of the vehicle he was driving and overcorrected in an attempt to regain control. In doing so, he crossed the median and crashed into the young victim's SUV, killing her and injuring her passenger. Witnesses claim that the man then fled the scene.

Strong defenses may ease sentencing for weapons crimes

Criminal charges can lead to severe punishment if convictions are obtained. One man is now facing multiple weapons crimes as well as drug charges after recently being arrested. His Virginia criminal defense attorney is now working on his defense for his court date, which is scheduled for July 11.

The man and his friend are accused of selling various guns and drugs in the parking lot of a Virginia Beach Food Lion, where one of the men was employed. An informant for the police alleged that at one time the pair sold him 2 ounces of cocaine, five firearms, 100-round magazines and a military silencer. The guns are said to have cost $5,000, and the drugs $2,000. Court documents indicate that they also supposedly sold several other rifles, one of which had been previously reported stolen.

Attorneys could help those charged with a drug crime

A recent drug raid headed by the Bristol Virginia Police Department resulted in two Virginia women being arrested. They were charged with several drug charges between the two of them. Those charged with a drug crime may consider speaking with an attorney as soon as possible after being charged to discover the next steps they should take.

When the police department raided the woman's house, they used a common distraction known as "flash bangs" as they entered. Authorities admit that they had believed some type of drug activity had been happening at the house for about eight months. After obtaining a search warrant, several agencies worked together to conduct the raid, including divisions from the Bristol Virginia Police Department and the Virginia State Police.

Teenager, woman charged with assault in Virginia Beach

Many people find themselves in a conflict with others at varying points of their lives. Most conflicts involve the exchange of words but can become heated. Unfortunately, a teenager and a woman in Virginia Beach have been charged with assault in connection with an incident involving a man who reportedly admitted to damaging the woman's vehicle.

The incident happened at approximately 9 p.m. on a day in May. According to reports, the elderly victim was a retired wrestling coach who still drives an activity bus for the school that he served. After dropping several students off at a Virginia Beach high school, the man reportedly told reporters that he sideswiped a vehicle driven by a 42-year-old woman.

Virginia teacher faces a DUI charge

Most people would agree that teachers have difficult jobs. They often must put in extra, unpaid hours to ensure that their students receive the best possible education and typically receive little appreciation or compensation for doing so. Unfortunately, a teacher in Virginia now faces a DUI charge.

The woman's arrest happened at a Virginia middle school. Reports indicate that someone informed the school resource officer that the 29-year-old woman appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. As a result, the officer conducted an investigation.

Virginia man accused of assault, abduction

It is relatively easy to make accusations against a person. In some cases, a simple phone call is all it takes to initiate a police investigation. In fact, a warrant has been issued for a man in Virginia after a woman claims he took her 6 month-old baby from her. He faces charges of assault and abduction.

The alleged incident is said to have occurred just after 5 a.m. on a day in mid-April. A 25-year-old woman claims that she was outside of a house when she became involved in a verbal altercation with a 53-year-old man. It is unclear what the two people were arguing about.

Virginia massage therapist accuses man of sexual assault

Police in Virginia are obligated to investigate accusations made against others. However, a person can only be convicted of criminal charges if there is sufficient evidence to prove that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, police have recently filed charges against a Virginia man accused of sexual assault.

The incident reportedly happened one night on a day in early April. According to reports, a man requested and paid for a one-hour massage at Sunny Spa. The massage therapist was reportedly the only person working at the time of the incident. Unfortunately, she claims that the massage did not go as she intended.