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Violent Crimes Archives

Man facing more than 1 criminal charge after alleged arson

Having to deal with some type of conflict on a regular basis is a normal situation for many people in Virginia and across the country. These disputes are often settled verbally. When altercations turn physical, those involved may find themselves facing a criminal charge. One man was recently arrested and charged after allegedly setting a fire and assaulting a woman and her child.

Man accused of assault against Virginia police officer

Many Virginia residents may not be aware of the legal avenues available to them after being accused of a crime. Those accused may benefit from speaking with an attorney for a better understanding of the charges and guidance on what to do next. One man is likely considering his defense options after being charged with assault against a police officer.

Virginia man facing criminal charge in the death of special agent

When Virginia residents are accused of serious crimes, they may not know where to turn. In most situations, obtaining legal counsel is a necessary first step for those facing a criminal charge. A young man is likely now working with a defense attorney after being charged with several violent crimes after the death of a Virginia State Police special agent.

Teenager, woman charged with assault in Virginia Beach

Many people find themselves in a conflict with others at varying points of their lives. Most conflicts involve the exchange of words but can become heated. Unfortunately, a teenager and a woman in Virginia Beach have been charged with assault in connection with an incident involving a man who reportedly admitted to damaging the woman's vehicle.

Virginia man accused of assault, abduction

It is relatively easy to make accusations against a person. In some cases, a simple phone call is all it takes to initiate a police investigation. In fact, a warrant has been issued for a man in Virginia after a woman claims he took her 6 month-old baby from her. He faces charges of assault and abduction.

Virginia massage therapist accuses man of sexual assault

Police in Virginia are obligated to investigate accusations made against others. However, a person can only be convicted of criminal charges if there is sufficient evidence to prove that a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, police have recently filed charges against a Virginia man accused of sexual assault.

Virginia man accused of assault following standoff

Each family in Virginia has its own unique dynamics. While some families may be calm and without conflict at all times, other families may be more volatile. Regardless of the tendency toward calm or volatile, violence as a result of a family conflict is relatively rare. However, one man was recently charged with assault following an alleged altercation with his wife.

Teenager faces criminal charge following Virginia incident

Crimes are often incredibly complex. Investigations often take months to complete, and even then, the results may be inconclusive. However, police in Virginia say they have already discovered enough details about a recent incident to allow them to file a criminal charge against a teenager even though they only had two days to fully understand the details of what appears to be a complicated situation.

Sailor in Virginia charged with rape

Social media has changed the way many people live their lives. Many users stay in contact with friends and family, conduct business and meet new people through websites such as Facebook. However, police in Virginia argue that a 27-year-old sailor used the platform to conduct a sexual relationship with a girl under the age of 13. He is now accused of rape.

Virginia man faces criminal charge in wife's death

What goes on behind the closed doors of a family home is often a mystery. In some cases, a family may present an entirely different picture to the world than the reality of the relationship within their home. Regardless, relatively few families in Virginia experience any form of domestic violence. However, one man now faces a criminal charge following the death of his wife.