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Unloaded BB gun prompts action by Virginia Beach school

A proliferation of crowd shootings, not the least of which was the Newtown school tragedy, has elevated the issue of gun use and availability to new heights. Virginia Beach is not immune from the effects. We have no specific information regarding whether there's been an increase in the filing of weapons crimes charges in the area, but it's clear that gun issues are top of mind.

Firing gun in home yields weapons charge for Virginia Beach man

Gun control is a big topic right now. In the wake of several horrible mass shootings in recent months, efforts have gotten under way in a lot of states of the union to try to firm up the rules and regulations governing gun sales. The debate has even led Vice President Joe Biden to weigh in. He recently recommended that if someone wants to fend off an intruder who may be bent on committing a potentially violent crime, the best thing to do is to "fire a shotgun through the door."

Virginia man's weapons charge plea may reflect best outcome

When a criminal case is handled in the federal system, there are often multiple charges involved. Each one carries significant penalties, including mandatory prison terms, and the unique details of each case demand that rigorous analysis be done to develop the best possible defense strategy. Anyone in the Virginia Beach or greater Tidewater region faced with apparent investigation and possibly being charged should consult an attorney early.

Juvenile VA shooting suspect home for holidays, still faces trial

It is not unusual for prosecutors to level many charges to cover multiple offenses across an array of alleged crimes. A common practice is to link allegations of weapons offenses with drug crimes and conspiracy charges. It doesn't matter the age of the suspect, either. Juveniles are not immune from such prosecutorial aggressiveness.

Virginia Beach laser case shows how far prosecutors will go

Just how dangerous are laser pointers. We see them being used in corporate presentations all the time. Heck, we play with our cats with them. If someone points one at a high tech Navy fighter jet, does it count as a federal criminal offense and warrant the pointer's being sent to prison?

Two Virginia men charged with weapons trafficking, other crimes

Two men from Virginia are facing an array of criminal charges after law enforcement took them and an alleged accomplice into custody in New Haven, Connecticut last week. With cooperation from state and federal authorities, police in the Elm City made the arrest after the three allegedly gathered in a pharmacy parking lot to sell firearms. The arrest took place blocks away from Yale University's undergraduate campus and its medical school.

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