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Man let off on DUI charge wants arrest record erased

Laws in most states, including Virginia, don't leave much wiggle room when it comes to penalties for convictions of driving under the influence. Drunk driving is frowned upon to such a degree that many people say that punishments need to be made even stiffer than they already are.

Diligence in document review apparent door to DUI dismissal

If we have not said it before, let us say it now. While Virginia prosecutors commonly file charges for driving under the influence, that does not mean they automatically result in convictions. Whether the DUI allegation represents a possible repeat offense or is the first one faced by an individual, the burden is on the authorities to follow sometimes complex procedures in the prosecution of a case.

Virginia court rejects DUI blood alcohol evidence

The Virginia Court of Appeals recently ruled that the blood alcohol certificate of a driver charged in the alcohol-related deaths of two university students could not be used as evidence against him at trial.

New Year's Virginia Beach DUI checks lead to 10 facing charges

Allegations of driving under the influence have become perhaps too common. They are perhaps so common that when we hear that someone is facing DUI charges we automatically presume their guilt and jump to a conclusion that they should get the stiffest penalty possible under the law.

DUI checkpoints may be counterintuitive; but they're the law

It's not likely to come as a big shock to anyone that police step up their drunk driving enforcement efforts at particular times of the year. Every year, across Virginia and much of the rest of the nation, when a holiday period approaches, authorities kick driving under the influence enforcement into a higher gear.

Police arrest Virginia Beach man for DUI following car crash

Virginia Beach police have taken a local man into custody, alleging that he was intoxicated when he struck a police car on the side of the road. The drunk driving incident occurred shortly before 11:00 p.m. on Oct. 5. According to police reports, an officer had pulled a car over on Interstate 264 and was outside of the cruiser when the Virginia Beach man approached in his car.

Virginia Beach man faces DUI, hit and run charges after accident

A drunk driving conviction carries serious consequences, including fines, time spent in jail, and, under Virginia's new DUI law, the installation of an ignition interlock device on one's car. One man from Virginia Beach is facing all of those consequences after police allege that he hit a bicyclist last Friday and left the scene.

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