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April 2013 Archives

Supreme Court kennels some unwarranted drug-sniffing dog use

Ensuring the sanctity of one's home and one's privacy inside the walls of that home are values that are at the root of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Whether one lives in Virginia Beach or anywhere else in the country, that tenet against illegal searches and seizures by police applies.

Man let off on DUI charge wants arrest record erased

Laws in most states, including Virginia, don't leave much wiggle room when it comes to penalties for convictions of driving under the influence. Drunk driving is frowned upon to such a degree that many people say that punishments need to be made even stiffer than they already are.

23-year-old violent crimes case moving toward retrial

Faced with a 120-day deadline, the state of Virginia is moving ahead with plans to mount a new trial of the suspect in a 1990 slaying. The latest action in the matter involving a violent crime charge of capital murder came today when a Newport News Circuit Court judge appointed two area lawyers to handle the defense in the case.

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