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December 2012 Archives

Juvenile VA shooting suspect home for holidays, still faces trial

It is not unusual for prosecutors to level many charges to cover multiple offenses across an array of alleged crimes. A common practice is to link allegations of weapons offenses with drug crimes and conspiracy charges. It doesn't matter the age of the suspect, either. Juveniles are not immune from such prosecutorial aggressiveness.

Prisons ill-equipped to rehabilitate drug addicts

Imagine intentionally hurting and poisoning your body multiple times a day. Lying to loved ones and stealing from friends all to support an insatiable physical need. For thousands of drug addicts across the United State, this is their everyday reality. For many, their rock bottom is realized when they are arrested and face drug charges and incarceration.

Guilty plea to drug charges results in probation term

There is no doubt that state and federal governments look to impose the harshest penalties possible when it comes to sentencing for certain crimes. Convictions for drug crime charges are often among those that prosecutors in Virginia look to punish the most severely.

Assault charge dropped against Virginia Beach councilman

There's an adage that many Virginia Beach readers likely have heard. It goes, let the punishment fit the crime. That's a tenet that lawmakers ideally try to follow, but sometimes the laws that result carry what might be considered undue burdens for a defendant even before a trial is held or a conviction obtained.

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