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Two Virginia men charged with weapons trafficking, other crimes

Two men from Virginia are facing an array of criminal charges after law enforcement took them and an alleged accomplice into custody in New Haven, Connecticut last week. With cooperation from state and federal authorities, police in the Elm City made the arrest after the three allegedly gathered in a pharmacy parking lot to sell firearms. The arrest took place blocks away from Yale University's undergraduate campus and its medical school.

Law enforcement officials indicated that they had been monitoring one of the men throughout the summer. According to the police, the latest alleged weapons transaction was the man's fifth in the last few months. Authorities said that many of the guns involved in firearms trafficking are obtained by theft and are then offered in exchange for narcotics.

Both of the men must deal with a number of serious weapons charges, including carrying a weapon without a permit, carrying a weapon in a motor vehicle, firearms trafficking, possession of a stolen firearm and gun possession and sale. The alleged accomplice faces some of those charges as well in addition to carrying a pistol without a permit.

Although those charges were issued by out-of-state authorities, Virginia law also imposes harsh penalties for alleged weapons crimes. If convicted, the defendants could face significant periods of incarceration, fines and damage to future employment prospects. It is important that those facing weapons charges understand the legal processes and consequences of their cases as well as the options they have to fight or mitigate the charges.

Source: Hartford Courant, "Three Charged With Trafficking Guns In New Haven," Samaia Hernandez, Aug. 24, 2012

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