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Weapons crimes: Man charged for allegedly bringing gun to airport

Security has become a serious concern in many places around the country. Though carrying a gun is legal in many areas, one type of location where they are typically banned is airports. One Virginia man is now facing charges related to weapons crimes after allegedly bringing a gun to a Virginia airport.

According to authorities, the man was at a security checkpoint when the loaded handgun was discovered. An officer first noticed it in the man's carry-on bag in an X-ray screening. It is unknown whether the man intentionally brought the gun with him or mistakenly forgot that it was in the bag. In either case, the weapon was confiscated by police. Officials stated that a similar incident occurred at another Virginia airport only two days before.

Reports indicate that the man is now facing an unspecified state weapons charge. This could lead to serious consequences if the man is convicted. He, and anyone who brings a gun to an airport, may also be subject to civil penalties from the Transportation Security Administration, including significant fines as well as potential criminal charges.

Many who are accused of weapons crimes may benefit from consulting experienced Virginia attorneys as soon as possible after the charges are made. An attorney can work to preserve a person's legal rights and help to build a strong defense to present in court. This may help clear a person's name or aid in reducing a potential sentence. Additionally, an attorney could provide guidance and support throughout any future legal proceedings related to the charges.

Source: usnews.com, "Authorities: Man at Virginia Airport Had Loaded Gun in Bag", Sept. 7, 2017

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