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2 Virginia men accused of weapons crimes after shots fired

Many people who move about Virginia cities may have concealed weapons of which others may not even be aware. Then, now and again, there are those who openly brandish firearms, often even firing some shots. Such behavior recently led to the arrest and filing of charges related to weapons crimes against two men in Petersburg.

According to an arrest report, authorities were alerted to the fact that three individuals were firing shots into the air in a Petersburg neighborhood on a recent Thursday. When officers arrived at the scene, a crowd of people was standing in the street watching three men firing handguns. All three tried to flee on foot, but police caught up with two men and arrested them.

The third man got away but dropped his handgun when he ran. Along with all three firearms, officers also seized a scale, Xanax pills, OxyContin, marijuana and cocaine. Reportedly, one of the men is also wanted for failing to appear in court in several jurisdictions. The list of criminal charges filed against the two men who were arrested includes possession of controlled substances with the intent to distribute, obstruction of justice, and weapons crimes.

The first thing individuals who face criminal charges that include weapons crimes in Virginia typically do is to secure the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. It is important to remember that until the prosecution can prove guilt without a reasonable doubt, the charges will remain allegations. After examining the charges and the procedures used during the search and arrest, the lawyer can devise a defense strategy with the aim of achieving the best possible outcome.

Source: nbc12.com, "2 men arrested for firing shots in Petersburg street; guns, drug", Megan Woo, Sept. 1, 2017

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