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Couple faces charges related to weapons crimes

Traffic stops are often simple interactions between drivers and police officers. In many cases, a few questions and answers are exchanged and the driver is sent on his or her way. This was not the case for a couple recently visiting the Virginia area, however. After their traffic stop, they are now facing charges of weapons crimes and other offenses.

Police stated that an officer pulled the couple over because their car did not have a license plate. Authorities reported that the driver then gave the officer a fake license. Police then searched the car, allegedly finding ammunition in it. This led to a search of the couple's hotel room, where police reported finding a gun and drugs.

These events resulted in serious charges for both the man and the woman. The man has been charged with possession of controlled substances, possession of firearms while in possession of certain controlled substances and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The woman faces charges of identity theft and driving without a license.

These types of charges can carry severe repercussions should convictions be obtained. This couple is likely now working to determine their legal options. Anyone who has been charged with weapons crimes or any other criminal offense could consult an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney to help them prepare a strong defense to present in the courtroom. An attorney could work to help clear a person's name or achieve a reduction in a potential sentence. Additionally, an attorney could also work toward safeguarding a person's legal rights.

Source: Kingstowne, VA Patch, "Police Bust Two For Fake ID, Gun Crimes", Emily Leayman, Sept. 11, 2017

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