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Virginia community leader facing DUI charge

It is commonly known that driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to unfortunate situations. Sometimes severe injuries can result from accidents due to recklessly drinking and driving. However, even when collisions are avoided, a driver may still face a DUI charge. A Virginia pastor and school board member is now being accused of driving under the influence.

According to a Virginia State Police officer, the man was seen driving between two lanes on the interstate. After being stopped by the officer, he allegedly refused to take a breath test to ascertain the level of alcohol in his bloodstream. He was then arrested and taken to jail.

The man has been charged with one count of driving under the influence and one count of refusing to take a breath test. He has since been released from jail. Because he is a well-known pastor and school board member, a special prosecutor from another county has been called in to handle the case.

In a similar situation where someone faces a DUI charge, it would likely benefit them to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Such a charge could carry a strong penalty should a conviction be obtained. However, an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney could not only work to protect a client's legal rights, but also aid in preparing a strong defense for court. Additionally, an attorney could assess a client's circumstances to try to determine the best possible outcome for the situation while further providing guidance and support.

Source: wric.com, "Henrico County school board member arrested for DUI," Aug. 8, 2017

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