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Many people charged with a drug crime after recent investigation

Multiple Virginia law enforcement agencies have been working together in an attempt to crack down on narcotic and other drug use. The recent lengthy investigation, known as "Operation Firecracker," led to at least 50 indictments on a variety of charges. The majority of people involved were charged with a drug crime, though other charges were also made.

Various local, state and federal law and drug enforcement agencies assisted one another over the course of the investigation, which lasted for 16 months. Four traffic checkpoints were set up and 16 home visits were made in an attempt to apprehend individuals who were wanted for drug offenses. In total, 102 sealed indictments were served in two counties.

The charges made included more than 100 separate counts related to heroin, cocaine and prescription drugs, as well as felony violations related to firearms. In addition to these, over 100 traffic summons were issued, six other outstanding warrants were served and two other charges related to intoxication were made. Police stated that they are still looking for three people in connection with the investigation. 

A person facing similar charges would likely benefit from consulting an experienced Virginia criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after the charges are made. By doing so, the attorney could assess the situation in an effort to determine the best possible course of action for the circumstances. Anyone charged with a drug crime or other serious offense could consult an attorney for more information and to obtain assistance in any future legal proceedings related to the charges.

Source: delmarvanow.com, "Huge drug bust on Va. Eastern Shore leads to 50 indictments," July 26, 2017

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