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August 2017 Archives

Man facing more than 1 criminal charge after alleged arson

Having to deal with some type of conflict on a regular basis is a normal situation for many people in Virginia and across the country. These disputes are often settled verbally. When altercations turn physical, those involved may find themselves facing a criminal charge. One man was recently arrested and charged after allegedly setting a fire and assaulting a woman and her child.

Virginia community leader facing DUI charge

It is commonly known that driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to unfortunate situations. Sometimes severe injuries can result from accidents due to recklessly drinking and driving. However, even when collisions are avoided, a driver may still face a DUI charge. A Virginia pastor and school board member is now being accused of driving under the influence.

Many people charged with a drug crime after recent investigation

Multiple Virginia law enforcement agencies have been working together in an attempt to crack down on narcotic and other drug use. The recent lengthy investigation, known as "Operation Firecracker," led to at least 50 indictments on a variety of charges. The majority of people involved were charged with a drug crime, though other charges were also made.

Virginia man facing DWI charge after fatal accident

Many people enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages, whether in a social situation or as a way to relax at the end of the day. However, getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol could lead to a DWI charge. One Virginia man is now facing this charge in addition to several other charges after his alleged involvement in a fatal car accident.