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July 2017 Archives

Man accused of assault against Virginia police officer

Many Virginia residents may not be aware of the legal avenues available to them after being accused of a crime. Those accused may benefit from speaking with an attorney for a better understanding of the charges and guidance on what to do next. One man is likely considering his defense options after being charged with assault against a police officer.

Virginia man facing multiple drug charges after traffic stop

When a Virginia police officer stops a driver for an alleged traffic violation, he or she may request to search the person's vehicle. In some cases, this could lead to criminal charges, depending on what the officer reportedly finds. One man is facing several drug charges in addition to other charges after he was recently pulled over.

Virginia woman facing DUI charge after serious car accident

A Virginia Beach woman is now facing charges related to drunk driving after her alleged involvement in a serious car crash. In addition to a DUI charge, she is also facing other charges related to the injuries the victims suffered. She is now likely working with an attorney to prepare for her upcoming legal proceedings.