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June 2017 Archives

Drug arrest comes after multiple Virginia indictments returned

A Grand Jury in Virginia was very busy recently. It issued indictments for 22 people in Danville, and many faced a drug arrest. The indictments were for criminal charges ranging from firearms possession to narcotics offenses. At the time of the news report, only three of the people charged remained at large. 

Virginia teacher facing multiple drug charges

A recent joint operation between two law enforcement offices has led to the arrest of a Virginia teacher. The teacher was put on leave by his school the same day that he turned himself in to authorities. Police have charged the man with several drug charges. He is likely now working with an attorney to fight these criminal accusations in court.

Virginia man facing criminal charge in the death of special agent

When Virginia residents are accused of serious crimes, they may not know where to turn. In most situations, obtaining legal counsel is a necessary first step for those facing a criminal charge. A young man is likely now working with a defense attorney after being charged with several violent crimes after the death of a Virginia State Police special agent.

Those charged with a drug crime may face serious consequences

Crimes related to drug possession, manufacturing and distribution can lead to serious consequences if convictions are obtained. A total of 35 people have been indicted in one Virginia county. These arrests follow an investigation focused on various drug crimes over a span of nine months. The individuals charged with a drug crime are now likely focused on their defense options as they prepare for upcoming court dates.

Virginia man faces DUI charge after teen killed in crash

There can be many different reasons a car accident could happen. One common cause is due to someone driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. The consequences for committing this act can be severe, especially when a fatality occurs as a result. A Virginia man now faces a DUI charge after his alleged involvement in a crash that led to the death of a teenager about to graduate from high school.