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Virginia teacher faces a DUI charge

Most people would agree that teachers have difficult jobs. They often must put in extra, unpaid hours to ensure that their students receive the best possible education and typically receive little appreciation or compensation for doing so. Unfortunately, a teacher in Virginia now faces a DUI charge.

The woman's arrest happened at a Virginia middle school. Reports indicate that someone informed the school resource officer that the 29-year-old woman appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. As a result, the officer conducted an investigation.

The officer claims that it was determined that the woman had alcohol in her possession and that she had driven to school. She has since been arrested and charged with driving under the influence as well as a charge related to having alcohol on school grounds during school hours. It is unclear how the officer determined that the woman was under the influence or that she drove while intoxicated.

The accusations, including the DUI charge, against the teacher will likely have a significant impact on the woman's life and may even result in the loss of her job. The decisions she makes in regard to her criminal defense may make a significant difference in the outcome of her case. To ensure that the Virginia teacher is able to make informed decisions, she may choose to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help her understand all of her options and the potential outcomes of each. Such a professional can also help a defendant ensure that he or she is treated lawfully throughout proceedings.

Source: Ashburn, VA Patch, "Drunk Teacher Arrested at School in Sterling: Police", Skip Wood, April 23, 2017

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