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Strong defenses may ease sentencing for weapons crimes

Criminal charges can lead to severe punishment if convictions are obtained. One man is now facing multiple weapons crimes as well as drug charges after recently being arrested. His Virginia criminal defense attorney is now working on his defense for his court date, which is scheduled for July 11.

The man and his friend are accused of selling various guns and drugs in the parking lot of a Virginia Beach Food Lion, where one of the men was employed. An informant for the police alleged that at one time the pair sold him 2 ounces of cocaine, five firearms, 100-round magazines and a military silencer. The guns are said to have cost $5,000, and the drugs $2,000. Court documents indicate that they also supposedly sold several other rifles, one of which had been previously reported stolen.

Authorities did not state the specific charges the men face, only that they each face felony drug charges and one man is facing felony weapon charges in federal court. Both men plead not guilty to the crimes. Their attorneys argued for their release in front of the judge, but only one of the men was released from jail. The other remains in custody until his trial date.

The respective attorneys for the two men are likely focused on protecting their legal rights and seeking to achieve favorable outcomes. Any Virginia resident who has been accused of similar weapons crimes may consider consulting an experienced criminal defense attorney to help build a strong defense. An attorney could assess a client's situation to determine the best approach for their defense. 

Source: pilotonline.com, "Cocaine, guns sold out of Virginia Beach Food Lion parking lot by employee and friend, feds say", Scott Daugherty, May 8, 2017

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