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Virginia man accused of assault following standoff

Each family in Virginia has its own unique dynamics. While some families may be calm and without conflict at all times, other families may be more volatile. Regardless of the tendency toward calm or volatile, violence as a result of a family conflict is relatively rare. However, one man was recently charged with assault following an alleged altercation with his wife.

Police reports indicate that they were called to a residence at approximately 5 in the morning on a day in early April. They received reports that a woman's intoxicated husband had assaulted her. She was reportedly able to leave the house, but the couple's young daughter remained inside.

Officials claim that they were unable to establish contact with the man once they arrived. As a result, what was describe as a tactical standoff ensued. The 41-year-old man was reportedly taken into custody approximately three hours after police received the initial call without incident. He now faces multiple charges, including brandishing a firearm, strangulation and assault of a family member.

When it comes to allegations of a domestic assault, there is often no other witness than those involved in the dispute. Because of this, prosecutors in Virginia may have difficulty meeting the high burden of proof required to gain a conviction. To help fight charges -- as well as negotiate for reduced charges -- many people facing criminal accusations seek help from an attorney who has experience with such cases to help ensure that they are fully prepared to make the necessary decisions they are facing.

Source: U.S. News & World Report, "Newport News Man Taken Into Custody After Standoff at Home", April 8, 2017

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