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Teenager faces criminal charge following Virginia incident

Crimes are often incredibly complex. Investigations often take months to complete, and even then, the results may be inconclusive. However, police in Virginia say they have already discovered enough details about a recent incident to allow them to file a criminal charge against a teenager even though they only had two days to fully understand the details of what appears to be a complicated situation.

Police report that they were called to the scene of a hit and run at the same time they received a call about an attempted burglary. The two incidents allegedly happened just a block away from each other. At the scene of the alleged hit and run, police say the found an injured 19-year-old female; her car was nearby and allegedly showed some signs of damage, but reports note that the woman's injuries were inconsistent with those typically suffered in a collision between a car and pedestrian. She ultimately passed away.

Reports indicate that police discovered a 17-year-old male at the scene of the attempted burglary. He was reportedly suffering from minor injuries, and police took him into custody. Officials now believe that the women died as a result of stab wounds to her chest and that the male was the cause of them; the juvenile has since been charged with second degree murder as a result of the woman's death.

Many of the details of the incident are unclear at this time. However, the teenager will be tried as an adult, which is likely to result in a much harsher sentence if convicted in comparison to being tried as a juvenile. Because of the potential impact of a conviction of a criminal charge or murder, the Virginia teenager and his family may want to take steps to ensure that he has the best possible defense. For many, this includes hiring an attorney who is willing to fight for him in court as well as negotiate with prosecutors on his behalf.

Source: whsv.com, "Teen charged in connection with death of Front Royal woman", March 27, 2017

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