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Weapons crimes: Man arrested after daughter shot

Parents have a difficult job. They are often tasked with making decisions that could ultimately impact their ability to parent their children. Unfortunately, one man is accused of weapons crimes, among others, after Virginia police say he failed to take his daughter to the hospital after she was accidentally shot.

According to reports, the child was shot on a day near the end of February. Her father reportedly told police that the 6-year-old was running around their residence when she bumped into a table holding a gun. Reports indicate that he further stated that the gun fired when it hit the ground, hitting both his and the young girl's leg.

Police allegedly discovered the incident when they came to the residence several weeks later after a request to check on the welfare of the child. When they arrived, they claim that a woman notified them that the girl had been shot several weeks earlier. The father, they say, administered first aid himself and failed to notify authorities. They also claim that injuries to both the 30-year-old father and the young girl were consistent with a gunshot wound. He now faces multiple charges, including reckless handling of a firearm, child abuse/neglect causing serious injury and drug charges.

The extent of the young Virginia girl's injuries are unclear. If events occurred as reported, it is possible that the father simply thought that they were not serious enough to warrant medical attention. Regardless, he could benefit from having an attorney with experience with cases involving accusations of weapons crimes, among others, to help guide him through the criminal process and help him understand his options and the potential ramifications of his choices.

Source: , "Police: Newport News man charged with child abuse/neglect after 6-year-old shot", Sarah J. Ketchum, March 13, 2017

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