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Virginia man faces criminal charge in wife's death

What goes on behind the closed doors of a family home is often a mystery. In some cases, a family may present an entirely different picture to the world than the reality of the relationship within their home. Regardless, relatively few families in Virginia experience any form of domestic violence. However, one man now faces a criminal charge following the death of his wife.

Police say they received a call regarding an injured woman at approximately noon on a day in March. When they arrived at the scene, they claim they were greeted by the man who allegedly called 911. At that time, police say that the 38-year-old man informed them that he had killed his wife.

When they entered the residence, police say that they discovered a deceased woman. They believe that she was strangled. The husband was taken into custody, accused of first degree murder. Many details regarding the woman's death, including a potential motive, remain unclear.

If convicted of first degree murder, the Virginia man could spend a significant amount of time behind bars. A attorney with experience in handling a criminal charge such as the one the man faces can help him choose the best course of action in this case. In some situations, the best choice may be to fight the charges in court, while in other circumstances it may make sense to negotiate for a reduced sentence or charge in exchange for pleading guilty. While the prospect of responding to such criminal charges may seem daunting, having a professional by one's side often helps a defendant feel more confident in the decisions that must be made.

Source: wtkr.com, "Chesapeake man charged with murder after admitting to killing wife", March 10, 2017

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