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Criminal charge follows string of Virginia Beach robberies

When a robbery occurs, police are often pressured to make an arrest. When there appears to be a string of robberies in the same area, potentially involving the same perpetrator, there is even more pressure to ensure that someone faces a criminal charge. Although efforts to solve crimes such as this are understandable, the additional pressure placed on police officers could prompt them to make hasty assumptions not fully supported by evidence. As a result, those accused of a crime, including two men recently arrested in Virginia Beach, will likely want to ensure they understand the evidence against them before making decisions regarding the direction their case will follow.

The arrests stem from a string of robberies that occurred starting in mid-December. Soon after, police released a picture from surveillance footage of a man they were searching for in connection to the robberies. Although two arrests have been made, police have not confirmed that the person in the picture is one of the defendants.

Following an investigation of the most recent robbery in early January, police have arrested two men, both 22 years old. One of the men faces robbery and weapon charges in connection to all eight incidents. The second man is only charged in connection to one. They are both being held without bond. It is unclear what led police to the men

There is a need to provide answers for a community that is likely scared following these robberies. However, in order to support the allegations against the men, there must be evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because most people facing a criminal charge in Virginia Beach may not have experience with the criminal justice system, they often seek someone who does to help them fully understand all of the elements of their case in order to make informed decisions.

Source: wavy.com, "Men charged in string of Virginia Beach robberies", Kevin Green, Jan. 4, 2017

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