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The Problems with Field Drug Testing

If you consider yourself an upstanding, law-abiding citizen who couldn't possibly end up on the wrong side of the law, pay attention. Mistakes can, and do, happen - especially when it comes drug testing performed outside of a lab (field testing). For one innocent couple in Arkansas, drug field test problems led to more than two months of hassle that damaged their reputations and changed their lives forever. 

A Common Field Drug Test Story

Wendall Harvey and his wife, Gale Griffin, were tag-team truck drivers for more than seven years when a case of erroneous drug test results landed them in jail on charges of cocaine possession. During a routine inspection, three different portable drug test kits gave false positives for cocaine from sandwich bags of baking soda found in the couple's truck. 

Gale and Wendall's nightmare continued on for more than two months thanks to a series of unfortunate events, which included not having an attorney assigned to their case for almost a month and a half after their arrest. In the end, it took their attorney's insistence to get crime lab testing done quickly to establish their innocence so they could finally go home. While their story sounds like an anomaly, it really isn't. Drug field testing is not always reliable. In fact, mistakes like this happen regularly all around the country. 

The Reality of Drug Field Testing

The test kits used by many law enforcement agencies around the country can cost as little as $2 each -- and you often get what you pay for. False positives are common, leading to wrongful arrest and other problems.

How to fight Drug Field Test Problems

Wrongful drug arrests and charges occur regularly due to inaccurate field drug test results. The best course of action if a nightmare like this happens to you is to hire a good criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. Doing so can help you limit the consequences of a wrongful arrest, or even avoid the hassle altogether. When you're innocent, but the cards are stacked against you, don't wait. Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to prove your innocence quickly and protect your reputation.  

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