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December 2016 Archives

Virginia police increasing DUI enforcement for New Year's

You likely need no reminder that New Year's Eve is coming up this weekend. Most adults like to celebrate this holiday at parties where alcohol is served. While this is perfectly fine by itself, it is important to remember that drunk driving is a serious hazard that could put your life and your freedom at risk.

The Sobering Truth About Field Sobriety Tests

Field Sobriety Tests are useful tools taught to law enforcement agents essentially everywhere.  But they aren't entirely scientific, and they certainly aren't foolproof.  When officers administer the tests incorrectly or don't use common sense when deciding who to test, serious problems can occur.

The Problems with Field Drug Testing

If you consider yourself an upstanding, law-abiding citizen who couldn't possibly end up on the wrong side of the law, pay attention. Mistakes can, and do, happen - especially when it comes drug testing performed outside of a lab (field testing). For one innocent couple in Arkansas, drug field test problems led to more than two months of hassle that damaged their reputations and changed their lives forever. 

Recovering from the financial challenges of divorce

Many in Virginia are full-swing into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. For those who have just gone through divorce, the joys and festivities of the holidays may be mixed with the challenge of trying to recover their finances. It's not always easy, but it is often possible.

How long does Virginia have to file assault charges after arrest?

When a person has been arrested for a crime in Virginia, they can feel scared and uncertain. Law enforcement officials can be intimidating and it can often be hard to know what is currently going on with a person's case. One major question a person who has been recently arrested for a crime like assault may be wondering is how long it is going to take before the state files charges against him or her. 

What are potential defenses against drug charges?

Being arrested and convicted for drug possession or intent to distribute can often carry severe penalties in Virginia. Therefore, those accused of drug charges frequently attempt to either clear their name or reduce the charges. Whether based on presumed personal use or the intent to sell, drug possession charges can greatly impact the personal and professional life of the accused, even if it is the first time he or she is charged.