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4 college students face felony drug arrest

When someone is arrested for drug possession, the consequences can be serious. However, felony drug charges are generally more severe than simple possession charges. Someone facing a felony drug arrest in Virginia could be facing stiff mandatory sentencing guidelines, depending on the circumstances.

Recently, several students attending the College of William and Mary were arrested for marijuana and felony drug possession. According to authorities, the incident occurred on October 17 on the 200 block of a local road. Police were dispatched after receiving a call from a neighboring resident about a group of students supposedly shooting an air rifle into their back yard.

When police arrived to speak with the students, they allegedly smelled the odor of marijuana. The police then left and returned with a search warrant. A search of the house discovered marijuana, mushrooms and a variety of pills. In total, four of the students were charged with possession of marijuana and felony possession of a schedule 1 or 2 substance. A fifth student was also charged with simple marijuana possession.

In these situations, those accused of a crime want to ensure that their rights are protected, and that they are treated fairly by authorities and legal system throughout the process. Those accused of a similar crime may want to see legal representation from an attorney who has experience in criminal law and defending cases involving a felony drug arrest. A Virginia attorney will be in the best position to discuss any state and federal laws that may affect the outcome of the criminal proceedings.

Source: vagazatte.com, "Four William and Mary students face felony drug charge", Ryan McKinnon, Oct. 26, 2016

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