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November 2016 Archives

Challenges of posssession with intent to distribute drug charges

There are many residents of Virginia who have been charged with crimes involving drugs. Drug charges can bring serious consequences to those who are convicted. A particular drug crime that is commonly mentioned is possession with the intent to distribute. Many may wonder what this charge means.

Fingerprint evidence does not always prove a criminal charge

Most Virginia residents have heard of using fingerprints to catch a criminal. Many people may even have their prints on file with law enforcement. But are fingerprints actually enough to convict a person of a crime? For those facing a criminal charge, understanding this evidence could make the difference between them being innocent and having a criminal record.

4 college students face felony drug arrest

When someone is arrested for drug possession, the consequences can be serious. However, felony drug charges are generally more severe than simple possession charges. Someone facing a felony drug arrest in Virginia could be facing stiff mandatory sentencing guidelines, depending on the circumstances.

For one charged with a drug crime, Virginia has a new court

In response to the rising opiate addition crisis in Virginia and across the country, many states are establishing "drug courts." These courts can offer a way for an individual charged with a drug crime to find treatment and rehabilitation rather than jail time and probation. Within the next year, the first adult drug court is scheduled to open in the Virginia Beach area.