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Man arrested for 4th of July DUI


On July 4th, as people across the country were celebrating Independence Day, many of those who grilled food with friends and watched fireworks displays commemorating our country’s liberty also took liberties which the law does not provide and chose to drive while intoxicated. While driving under the influence is not a right protected by our state or federal laws, the right to an excellent defense when charged with a violation of the law certainly is.

A man in his thirties from Arlington heights was arrested for driving under the influence in connection with a hit and run accident that was reported on the 400 block of Whitney Road. The man failed a sobriety test when apprehended by the police, and was charged with leaving the scene of a property-damage accident, driving without a valid license, and driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol concentration greater than 0.08 percent. The man was issued a court date and released on a $3,000 bond, according to police reports.


Throughout the country, we recognize that some of the freedoms that make our country so great are also freedoms that must be exercised responsibly. Those who are charged with a driving-related offense should understand that they have the guaranteed right to be represented by an attorney who will fight to ensure their rights are preserved throughout the defense process and that they receive fair treatment at the hands of the law, regardless of the charges levied against them. The protection of these rights is one the things that makes our country so worth celebrating.

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